VR at Home June 2020 Surprise Box

VR at Home June 2020 Surprise Box

Regular price $35

Want to "redefined" your space?  Grab our monthly mystery box!

What can you expect with each box?

We will come up with some carefully curated items each month.

There will be no automatic renewals- we don’t even know how to set that up in our online shop! 

$35 monthly box $5.00 flat rate shipping $40 total + tax.

It will be made up of a few treasures to "redefine" your space and put a smile on your face.  As of right now, we will not be including clothing (but we are working on an option to include that in the future.)  It will include lovely, whimsical items designed with purpose.

Items in boxes will be final sale.  If you don’t like one of your surprise items, you can gift it to someone else and spread the cheer that way.

We know you might be used to gorgeous, branded subscription boxes, but we love mother earth, so ours will most likely come in recycled and reused boxes for the time being.  We thank you for understanding our world doesn’t need any more waste than it already has!

Want to share the love with someone else?  We can ship a box to your loved one with a note inside.  Just leave us a note at checkout telling us to do that and give us your loved one's name and correct address along with what you want your note to say.

Share photos online, tag us and use #vintageredefinedhome